24 April 2018

"Why Do People Hate Jews?"

9 Iyyar 5778
24 Days of the Omer

Some might answer that question by saying that the Jews are an accursed people. When pressed to name a reason, few, if any, would get it right...
Behold, I set before you today a blessing and a curse. The blessing, that you will heed the commandments of the Lord your God, which I command you today; and the curse, if you will not heed the commandments of the Lord your God, but turn away from the way I command you this day, to follow other gods, which you did not know. (Devarim 11.26-28)

And it will be if you obey the Lord, your God, to observe to fulfill all His commandments which I command you this day, the Lord, your God, will place you supreme above all the nations of the earth. ...And it will be, if you do not obey the Lord, your God, to observe to fulfill all His commandments and statutes which I am commanding you this day, that all these curses will come upon you and overtake you. (Devarim 28.1, 15)
Antisemitism is a supernatural tool the Almighty uses to bring his wayward children into line. The only way to "fight" it is to get with the (Torah) program.

22 April 2018

The Treachery of the (Western) Nations

7 Iyyar 5778
22 Days of the Omer

History keeps repeating itself - over and over again. Pharaoh let us go and then promptly changed his mind and set off after us to bring us back to Egypt. King Cyrus let us leave the Babylonian Exile to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the Temple and then changed his mind and stopped the construction.

Even in modern times, we see the same pattern. Despite the common misconception that the nations "gave" us Eretz Yisrael out of guilt over the Holocaust, in fact, they made that decision some 25 years earlier.

Jews had been returning and settling the land in earnest since the first group of the Vilna Gaon's students arrived in 1809. The aims of the Zionist movement reached the high levels of leadership in the British government which merited to liberate the Holy Land from the Turks in 1917. No sooner had they taken control than they issued "The Balfour Declaration" supporting "the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people." In 1918, Britain was joined in this endeavor by France, Italy and the United States.
On 5th Iyar 5680 (April 23, 1920), the heads of the Allied Powers who had won the First World War - led by Britain, France and Italy - met in San Remo for an international convention, the purpose of which was to re-organize the world after the war. 
The convention adopted the Balfour Declaration and gave it international validity, "recognition of the historic right of the Jewish people to return to their ancient homeland." Britain received the mandate over Eretz Yisrael, which meant taking responsibility for helping the Jewish people establish their national home in accordance with the Balfour Declaration.
The San Remo Conference also stated that the national home of the Jewish people would stretch over all of Eretz Yisrael on both sides of the Jordan River.*

Led by Haj Amin el-Husseini, the resident Arabs made their disapproval of these developments known through attacks on Jews. True to current form, the terror was rewarded with an immediate capitulation by Britain when they decided to divide the land between the Jews and the Arabs, lopping off the major portion east of the Jordan River, calling it Trans-Jordan and installing King Abdullah.

On 23 Elul 5682 (September 16, 1922), the League of Nations (precursor to the UN) approved the decision while upholding "the historic right of the Jewish people to return and establish their national home in their ancient homeland."

Despite the nations attempts at appeasement and generosity at our expense, Arab opposition continued to be expressed through waves of murder and mayhem across the country. The result was even bigger rewards to the Arabs: severe restrictions on Jewish aliyah and settlement just when Europe was beginning to simmer below the surface.

It reached its culmination on 28 Iyar 5699 (May 17, 1939), just three and a half months before the outbreak of WWII, when the British rescinded the Balfour Declaration and began to prohibit Jewish aliyah. This is when the Jews of Eretz Yisrael rebelled against British rule. And the situation did not improve after the war.
The British abuse of Holocaust survivors and their total denial of their international commitments stirred global public opinion, which became a major factor in expelling the British from the Land.
...the United Nations (UN) General Assembly convened on 8 Iyar 5707 (April 28, 1947) to discuss the question of Eretz Yisrael's future. ...the discussions ended with a decision to send a committee to investigate the Eretz Yisrael problem and to propose solutions....
...after months of trips and meetings, the committee decided - by a majority vote - to recommend the creation of two countries, Jewish and Arab, in the western part of Eretz Yisrael.... 

...Jerusalem - Old and New - would remain an international city under UN jurisdiction.*

The Jews acquiesced. The Arab reaction: "We will not agree to the establishment of a Jewish State on even 1% of Palestine."*

On November 29, 1947, the vote was taken and the Partition Plan was approved by a majority vote in the UN. The very next day, the Arabs of Eretz Yisrael went on the attack with help from other Arab nations and the British themselves. No one helped the Jews.
It was impossible to buy real armored vehicles because every other country - including America - had imposed a total embargo on selling arms and military equipment to the Hebrew Yishuv....

...While the battles raged in Israel, so they raged in the political arena, with the UN Building in New York at the center of attention. It seemed that the United States, which had supported the Partition Plan for two States in Eretz Yisrael, had changed its position. On the 8th Adar Alef 5708 (March 19, 1948), the American delegation announced that it supported UN trustee rule in Eretz Yisrael, a stance that meant the continuation of the British Mandate. Other countries quickly followed the American lead.*
Chaim Weizmann somehow convinced Truman to stand by his original decision, which he eventually did, but not without a lot of pressure on Weizmann and Ben Gurion to delay the declaration of the State, which essentially would amount to the same outcome of a continuation of the intolerable Mandate. It was put to a vote and, B"H, the leadership of the Yishuv stood their ground.

By the time statehood was declared on 5 Iyyar 5708 (May 15, 1948), the brave, but exhausted  defenders of the Yishuv had been fighting against all odds for five months. On the following day, they faced the rested, well-trained and well-equipped armies of five Arab countries. And still the international embargo of arms and equipment ("led by the United States") against the Jewish defenders was upheld! No one believed the Jews had any chance at all of winning and even their very survival was in question!

Only a month into the battle, with hundreds already dead and thousands wounded, the nascent State of Israel was about to be completely overrun by her enemies when the UN suddenly proposed a 28-day ceasefire and the Arabs accepted.

During this time, Israel began to "secretly and unofficially" receive much-needed supplies, arms and even planes through the auspices of Czechoslavakia "with the approval of the Soviet Union." This turned the tide of the war. 

When Hashem runs the show, He can use anyone and anything to accomplish His will and it does not depend on the goodwill of the nations or their reliability as an ally. That's why we have to always stay in good standing with Him and depend solely on Him, because the nations are treacherous at heart.

True to form, the worst treachery was yet to come...
...the UN had used the ceasefire for its own purposes. The heads of the UN delegation - Swedish Count Bernadotte and his deputy, American Ralph Bunche - prepared a new proposal for solving the Jewish-Arab conflict. The new suggestion cancelled the Partition Plan...and instead proposed the set-up of a federation between two national entities, Arab and Jewish, which would be run under joint ruling institutions. The issue of continued Jewish immigration was supposed to be decided in these institutions, in which the Arabs would have a clear and decisive majority, since the Arab entity included all the Arabs in Eretz Yisrael....*
Including returned "refugees" and including Trans-Jordan!!
...Despite Israel's opposition, Count Bernadotte stood firm, even swaying further to the side of the Arabs in a document he submitted to the UN General Assembly on 12 Elul 5708 (September 16, 1948). In his amended proposal, he removed the entire Negev - from the Ashkeon-Chevron line and southwards - from the area of the Jewish State. ...the Western powers unanimously adopted his plan.*
We had gone from all of Palestine to 1/3 of Palestine to 45% of that 1/3 to no homeland at all as the nations of the world broke every promise and reneged on every deal! 

It was only due to Hashem's help that we were spared.  The new Israeli government rejected this plan and our Heaven-sent victory left the UN with no other option but to refuse to recognize our new borders. They called on us, in vain, to allow the Arab refugees to return and to retreat to the borders as laid out in the 1947 Partition Plan. The nations of the world, including the United States, have held firm on these demands until this very day.

* All quotes come from "The Ingathering and Independence Scroll" by Dr. Hagi Ben-Artzi.

Interesting date correlations (see bold type above): 5 Iyyar was the day Israel declared its independence, 28 Iyyar was the day that Jerusalem was reunified in 1967, and 23 Elul is the Hebrew date of the 9/11 Twin Towers attack.

20 April 2018

"You Shall Be Holy"

5 Iyyar 5778
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
20 Days of the Omer

It has come to my attention that some people still do not understand my complaints against Christianity and some sects of Hasidism, so I'd like to take this opportunity to try and bring some clarity to the issue. I'll try to make it short and succinct so there can be no misunderstanding.

HKB"H: "You shall have no other gods before Me."

  • Christianity is an idolatrous religion, worshiping a man-god who is supposedly the physical offspring of the Creator, God forbid! 
  • It is a missionary religion intent on bringing the entirety of humanity - especially and including Jews - into that idolatrous worship.
  • They compiled a book of "scripture" which they added to our Tanach and call the entire thing the "Bible" - the "inspired Word of God," God forbid!

This is a horrible, treacherous crime against HKB"H which carries a horrendous penalty - death. It got the ten tribes of the Northern Kingdom of Israel exiled and permanently cut off from the nation, as well as the first Beit Hamikdash destroyed. We have an obligation from the Torah to our fellow Jews and to HKB"H to prevent its practice and proliferation in Eretz Yisrael.

Some elements in some sects of modern Hasidism are coming closer and closer to the Christian religious model. It is this tendency which I decry and distance myself from.

  • Rebbe 'worship' to the point of believing that a rebbe is still alive or communicating with his followers from the grave or otherwise directing their lives or intervening on their behalf from above.
  • Viewing a particular Hasidic sect as superior to other Jews and "encouraging" others to adopt this path.
  • The addition of a particular Hasidic text which can even supercede the Torah as an object of study. 
That's not to say that other sects of Judaism don't have their own issues. There is plenty of correction and improvement called for all around. But, these seeming similarities between Christianity and some sects of Hasidism are too close for my taste or my comfort.  

In this week's Torah portion [Kedoshim] we are commanded: "You shall be holy, for holy am I, Hashem, your God."

The commentary says...
It was God's will to rest His Presence among the Jewish people so that it could rise to its calling to be a holy nation of His servants (Exodus 19.6). In order to make this possible, Israel was enjoined to avoid the spiritual contaminations that would result from the sexual and religious practices listed in the previous several chapters. This sidrah begins by explaining that the reason for these prohibitions was to make it possible for the nation to become holy by emulating its Creator as much as possible. Furthermore, the purpose of this holiness is for people to become elevated in their lives on this world, and the way to do this, our passage teaches, is by scrupulous adherence to the commandments found on the first tablet of the Ten Commandments....
The first of which is, "I am Hashem, your God, Who has taken you out of the land of Egypt, from the house of slavery." And the second one is, "You shall have no other gods before Me."

More commentary...
"...before Me." (in My presence), i.e., as long as I exist. Since God is eternal, this prohibition, too, is permanent (Rashi)  To defy a human king to his face is the worst form of treason, and since God is omnipresent, idolatry is an unpardonable affront. (Ibn Ezra, Sforno)  ...The Torah uses the expression jealous only with reference to idolatry and to a suspicious husband's claim that his wife was unfaithful (Numbers 5.14) The term refers to an abuse of trust and someone's refusal to give up something that is rightfully his. In the context of idolatry, God alone is entitled to the veneration of human beings and He will not countenance worship of other beings. Mechilta teaches that God says, "For idolatry, I zealously exact punishment, but in other matters I am gracious and merciful." In the context of the jealous husband who claims that his wife has lived with another man, he refuses to give up the faithfulness to which he is entitled.

19 April 2018


4 Iyyar 5778
19 Days of the Omer
Yom Ha'atzmaut (commemorated)
"Would you risk everything – your future, your citizenship, even your life – to help a brother in need?

In 1948, just three years after the liberation of Nazi death camps, a group of Jewish American pilots answered a call for help. In secret and at great personal risk, they smuggled planes out of the U.S., trained behind the Iron Curtain in Czechoslovakia and flew for Israel in its War of Independence. As members of Machal – “volunteers from abroad” – this ragtag band of brothers not only turned the tide of the war; they also embarked on personal journeys of discovery and renewed Jewish pride. ABOVE AND BEYOND is their story.

The first major feature-length documentary about the foreign airmen in the ’48 War, ABOVE AND BEYOND brings together new interviews with the pilots, as well as stunning aerial footage, to present a fascinating, little-known tale filled with heart, heroism and high-flying chutzpah. The film follows the pilots on their circuitous route from the United States – where they met and trained in secret and struggled to stay two steps ahead of the FBI – to Panama, Italy and Czechoslovakia, where they flew versions of the very Nazi planes they had tried to shoot down in World War II. More than a retelling of the ’48 Arab-Israeli War, ABOVE AND BEYOND examines the motivations of the foreign volunteers – both Jews and non-Jews. It mines the tensions between the Israelis and Machal soldiers. Would the foreign pilots stay in Israel after the war? Were they Americans first or Jews first? The film recounts the personal stories of the young pilots, whose experiences in Israel were life altering. And through their stories, ABOVE AND BEYOND reveals how under-equipped and isolated the Israelis were, how desperately they needed planes and pilots and how critical the actions of these young American men were for the country’s survival."

18 April 2018

There Is No 'Reverse' In The Geulah Vehicle

4 Iyyar 5778
19 Days of the Omer
Yom Ha'atzmaut Commemorated

On the Founding of the Modern State of Israel - Too often we are called upon to point out deficiencies and to provide warnings of inherent dangers in the path we follow on our way to redemption in our Holy Land. Today is a day for setting those important tasks aside and to marvel at the miracles which have accompanied us thus far and to give thanks for all the good that we have been blessed with along with the daily challenges.

All of history has been moving forward in this direction and with this goal since the very beginning. Sometimes the process speeds up and sometimes it slows down, but it never reverses.
...Just as there is a measure of sin which, when full, causes wrath and calamity to befall the world, so too is there a measure of retribution which, when full, brings forth Divine grace and radiance to the world, whereby God bestows compassion even upon those of His children who have suffered the full measure of His fury. Even if we lack the merit of deeds to bring the redemption, the Jewish people in our time indeed possess the merit achieved through suffering.
And perhaps the very intensification of sin and moral decline are themselves sufficient cause for the redemption, for the very act of salvation is an impetus towards repentance and renewed allegiance to His covenant. This idea is found in the words of the Prophet (Yechezkel 16.62-62): And I will establish my covenant with you and you shall know that I am Hashem...so that you might recall and feel ashamed, never opening your mouth again because of your embarrassment after I forgive you for all that you have done. The Prophet (Ibid. 36.22-25) further tells us: Therefore say unto the House of Israel, thus says Hashem your God: Not for your sake do I do this, O House of Israel, but for the sake of My holy Name which you have profaned...and I will take you from among the nations...and I will bring you into your own land, and I will sprinkle you with the waters of purification and you shall be cleansed of all your impurities.
In Yeshayahu (44.22) we read: I have erased your transgressions as if they were vapor, and your sins as if they were a cloud. Return unto Me for I have redeemed you.
There are many allusions in our sources to the idea of redemption and forgiveness preceding repentance and purification. The precise nature of this, however, remains beyond our perception, for who among man can fathom the essence of the Divine plan?
...Let your mouth be filled with song and praise to God for what He has done, for what He does, and for what He shall yet do on behalf of His chosen Nation, the seed of Israel, from now and until the End of Days.
-The Book of Our Heritage, The Month of Iyar by Rabbi Eliyahu Kitov

According to the [Vilna] Gaon, all the work involved in gathering in the exiles, building Jerusalem and broadening the settlement of the land of Israel so that the Shechina will return to it, all the principles of the work and all the major and minor details are connected to the mission and role of the first mashiach, Mashiach ben Yosef. Mashiach ben Yosef is the miraculous power who will assist every act done when the awakening starts from below, in a natural manner, because he comes from the earth.
- Kol HaTor


"Will The Real Superman Please Stand Up"

3 Iyyar 5778
18 Days of the Omer
Yom Hazikaron commemorated

17 April 2018

Safe In The Hands of the ONE Above

3 Iyyar 5778
18 Days of the Omer
Yom Hazikaron commemorated

Our dependence and reliance on HKB"H is not something to be cryptically hinted at or poetically alluded to any more than it should be ignored altogether. It should be announced loudly, clearly and unequivocally, leaving no one in doubt as to what is being said. Like this...

From the Introduction to the "The Ingathering and Independence Scroll" by Dr. Hagi Ben-Artzi:
...There is no question that the Jewish people revealed their power and courage in this wondrous process, and that is how all the history books tell the story. "The Ingathering and Independence Scroll" exposes another factor, without which the entire development of Zionism would have ended in abject failure - the God of Israel, who is guiding the Redemption of Israel so He can fulfill His promise and covenant.
Indeed, the miraculous aspect of Israel's revival is even more astounding in that it all appears in the visions of Israel's Prophets and Sages. Everything promised in the Tanach is coming true in our days - step by step, stage by stage, precisely according to the Divine plan.
The Zionist story is not complete without the integration of the Divine and the human. Divine supervision with huge self-sacrifice and dedication....
Had the Prime Minister simply consulted his brother-in-law before speaking, he would not have made such a serious error in his remarks to Keren Hayesod.

From the Foreword by Rabbi Doron Perez to "The Ingathering and Independence Scroll":
"In your blood you shall live." (Yechezkel 16.6)
Just like the newborn is covered in blood when granted the gift of life, so too at the time of our national birth - both the original birth when we came out of Egypt and our rebirth in modern Israel - were great gifts of life accompanied by blood.
...The War of Independence, fought over 15 months in two stages, would be the most costly and bloodiest war in Israel's history. it would exact the dreadful price of 6,373 dead and 15,000 wounded, soldier and civilian alike. Approximately 1% of Israel's population was killed during the war, a shocking statistic by any standard. In today's terms, that would be the equivalent of - God forbid - 85,000 deaths in Israel or 3.5 million in the USA.
Yet, God had told us: "In your blood you shall live; in your blood you shall live."
As we face the ever-present prospect of yet another war, we Jews who live in the Holy Land of Israel remember those who preceded us and paid the ultimate price for our right to live as Jews in the land God gave to our forefathers and to us. We will keep faith with them (and with HKB"H) by continuing the struggle and occupying this land forevermore.

Whether we remain in this world or go on to the next one, we are safe in the hands of the ONE above. It is He and He alone who enables all our efforts. Blessed be He and blessed be His Name. Shalom al Yisrael!